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Related/Interested Links of our Laboratory

1.Bridge INFO

・Forth Bridges Visitor Centre Trust 
・Hammersmith Bridge
・Historic Bridges in the News

・Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust
・London Bridge
・York Millenium Bridge  
・Tamar Bridge
・The Clifton Suspension Bridge
・The Humber Bridge Board  
・The Millennium Bridge in London
・The Royal Albert Bridge  
・The Tower Bridge
・The Severn Bridge
・The Bridges Project. London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

・Viaduc de Millau

・The Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project

2.Road Administrative Organizations and Companies

・Corus in The Construction Industry
・Highways Agency
・Structurae International Database and Gallery of Structures

・Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport
・Osaka City
・Osaka Prefectural Government
・West Nippon Expressway Company
・East Nippon Expressway Company
・Central Nippon Expressway Company
・Japan Bridge Engineering Center

3.Bridge Fabrication Companies in Japan

・Matsuo Bridge Company
・Komai Tekko Inc.
・Takada Kiko Company


・American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
・American Society of Civil Engineer
・American Institute of Steel Construction
・The Institution of Civil Engineers
・The Institution of Structural Engineeres
・Joint Committee on Structural Safety
・New Civil Engineer
・The European Convention for Constructional Steelwork
・The Steel Construction Institute
・Japan Concrete Institute
・Japan Society of Civil Engineers
・Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
・Japanese Industrial Standards
・The Institution of Professional Engineers , Japan
・Japan Road Association
・The Japan Iron and Steel Federation
・Japanese Society of Steel Construction
・Japan Bridge Association
・Japan Science and Technology Agency
・Japan Hydraulic Gate & Penstock Association
・Japanese Standards Association


・Imperial College
・University of Surrey

6.Analytical Software Packages

・DNV Software

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