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 Lectures in Civil Engineering

Under graduate programe (only structural engineering related subjects)

Title Lecturer
Structural Engineering Professor Ouchi
Steel Structural Engineering Professor Kitada
Concrete Engineering Associate professor Kitoh
Matrix structural analysis Professor Kitada
Experimental methods for Steel structures Associate professor Ymaguchi, et al.
Vibration Engineering Associate professor Taniguchi

Master course programe for structural engineering students

Title Lecturer
Perfomance Design Methods Professor Kitada
Steel Structural Engineering,Advanced Associate professor Ymaguchi
Continuum Mechanics Professor Ouchi
Composite Construction Design Associate professor kitou
Structural Engineering for Space Structures Professor Saka
Advanced Structural Engineering for Seismic Design Emeritus professor Tada
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Assistant professor Oshima
Advanced Wind Engineering Professor Taniike
Near-shore Disaster Prevention Engineering Emeritus professor Oda
Disaster prevention engineering Professor Toda, et al.

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