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Main Reserch Themes

The 2006 reserch Themes  


  Our laboratory is closely related to construction/maintenance of bridges of Kansai district for a long time, for example, bridges of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kinki Regional Development Bureau or Hanshin Express Company, etc. Formerly Osaka-city was called the capital of water, and have a lot of bridges. We research how to design, how to construct and how to maintain of bridges, which are beautiful and functional not to mention mechanical rationality, and have a safety factor established for the whole design load such as an earthquake and a typhoon.
   It is especially characteristic that we research making good use of both experiment and analysis with experiment facilities such as large-sized loading experimental devices and the non-linear analysis program our laboratory developed based on bridge engineering. Recently, the research which cnsider the environment is developed. We regard the place including a bridge and surroundings as a minimum unit of thinking.

2.Research Themes

 @Development a rational bridge
   ・A review of an existing design method
   ・Establishment of a rational design method
   ・Clarification of a limit state

 BDevelopment of a new bridge form/bridge member
   ・Examination of the bridge form used new material for
   ・Examination of an original new bridge form
   ・Development of a new type high-strength bolt

 DDevelopment a bridge lasting a long time
   ・Development of an economic maintenance system
   ・An advantageous bridge to maintain
   ・Examination of a long-life bridge

 ADevelopment a bridge registing an earthquake
   ・Elucidation of a response property to earthquake
   ・Examination of a rational seismic design method
   ・Development of an effective earthquake atrengthening method

 CDevelopment a beautiful bridge
   ・Landscape design (color, shape, etc)
   ・Harmony with surroundings

 EReproduction and creation of the existing bridge considering surroundings
   ・Reduction of the noise/vibration
   ・Harmony with natural environment
   ・Creation of new bridge culture

  ⇒ The 2006 research themes details are this place

3.Research Examples

A new type cable-stayed bridge we deveoped

An analysis example by EPASS

A load-carrying capacity experiment using a reduced scale model

An experiment to developed a new truss panel point

A load-carrying capacity analysis of a steel rigid frame pier by USSP

An analysis of curved girder by USSP

Seismic response simulation of steel piers using the Internet hybrid experiment system

A concept of bridge environment

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